Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kiwi can term 4

Today at Kiwi can we played a game called 4 corners. On each corner there was a name, Truth, Integrity, Careful and honesty. The teacher called 1 of 4 names and the one he calls is the one we had to go to.Then we made a circle on the mat,and we did role plays.My group did friendship.Then we did GKQ and then we finished.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kiwican reflection

Today at Kiwi can we did the gkq at the beginning,and we were talking about all the themes,which was goal setting,perseverance,and problem solving.After that we went out side on the courts to do multi-sports.We played touch,netball,and soccer.It was cool and fun,i got really tired.The first game we played was soccer.Then at the end of the game,the whole teams played touch on all three courts.It was Fun.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Auckland Council - Persuasive Writing

The Auckland council needs sirens at train stations and making sure the security guards are watching the sirens at all times. So when the train comes, the sirens play a loud warning sound that will warn people to stop people from walking over the crossing.

Auckland council should also upgrade the brakes on the trains so they slow down much quicker.The also need much louder trains so that the people can hear the trains coming,and stop walking across the track.

Also,the people should stay away from the train when it comes to the station because they could fall in front of the train by accident,or the wind could make the people fall into the train and get crushed.

Monday, 22 August 2016

HAKA in the hall

Today at the hall we practice the Maori and Samoan haka. Its hard because you have to get the words correct and scream it.It was cool because thats the only time we get to scream,and Moses taught us how to do the Samoan haka.

On Thursday we are having the Cultural Festival,and we are gonna do the Maori and Samoan and Tongan haka.We are gonna have to practise alot.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Volley ball 2

Today at volley ball Room 7 was practicing our serves,you have to throw it so your partner and your partner has to hit it up then catch it.The coach gave me and Alfred lollies.

Then the next one you have to throw it to your partner and then your partner has to try and get it under in between their legs.Next we got put into 6 teams and then we played some volley ball games.It was cool,I like hitting the ball hard,it was fun playing volley ball.Preview attachment IMG_20160811_091308176.jpgIMG_20160811_091308176.jpg3.7 MB

Thursday, 4 August 2016


Today at kiwi can we learnt something.We played rock,paper,scissors,when we lose we give a peg to the other person.Then we talk about our goals,and about sport.We played gkq it was fun.We had to dab to answer.Then we asked easy questions.It was another guy with us at kiwican today,Mr Numia and Mrs Tuia were away.

Volley ball

This morning at school,we played volley ball.This lady taught us how to hit the ball,and me and Justin were playing volley with each other.We hit the ball high as.Then the lady put us in teams then we vs the other Lio was in my team,and Mafoa.We were playing good,and it was really fun.Then we vs another team and we won.The lady was wearing Nike slippers.Preview attachment IMG_20160804_090854191_TOP.jpgIMG_20160804_090854191_TOP.jpg3.2 MB